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1968 911 T Group 3 Coupe

The 911 T in 1968 was the lightest 911 making it ideal for racing. The T in 68 was a European model and not officially offered in the US. Many were used for racing in Europe where the SWB T was homologated for Group 3. Porsche offered a Group 3 T Rally Kit option and many were built up from Sports Purpose parts that were available at the dealer based on the guidelines for Group 3 specifications. These cars are unofficially known as 911 T/R.

This 911 T left the Porsche Factory in Light Ivory with black interior, LSD, Koni suspension, S instruments and oil tank, tinted glass and fresh air blower. Added options include roll bar, 100-liter fuel tank, front skid plate, Recaro bucket seats, 6” and 7” R wheels and outside thermometer.

The T is powered by a documented factory built Group 3 “2000 S” engine that features 906 pistons and cylinders, 906 cams, titanium connecting rods (now on the shelf, replaced with Carrillos), 911 R tall mag manifolds, 46 Webers with tables and headers with a 3 outlet rally muffler. The gearbox is built on a special 928# “non-standard gears” case.