Porsport is the website to buy and sell extremely rare Porsche cars and Porsche parts. Many of these cars are award winners, and have been featured in Porsche books and magazines.


Welcome to Porsport.com, the website for my never ending Treasure Hunt of rare Porsche cars and parts. My involvement with type 356 and Early 911 Porsches for over 25 years and my worldwide connections allow me to find and offer some very rare Porsche models as well as parts and project cars. I often locate, restore, race then offer original Sport Purpose 911s. My specialty is the Short Wheelbase models, mainly Factory race versions, the 911 S as well as the Carrera RS, Euro Carrera 2.7, Carrera Clubsport, Speedster and 964 RS models. Many of my cars have been award winners and have been featured in Porsche books and magazines. I strive for excellence.

Please take some time to view the site. The cars and parts availability change often so be sure to check back to see what is new. Purchaser's consulting services are available. Please ring me any time 10:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time to discuss your Porsche needs. Thanks very much for visiting this website.

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