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1970 911 Factory ST Rallye Version

This particular ST is a genuine lightweight, thin metal, 930 kilogram Rally version. It was Factory delivered with fat rear fenders, lightweight interior, plastic windows, aluminum front bumper and doors, fiberglass rear bumper in Blood Orange just as the Werks cars of 1970. This car has incredible rally history including Monte Carlo. The historical images first show the car as a fat fender light weight Groupe 4 car in 1970 as it was originally built by Porsche. In 1971 the owner fitted the car out as a more standard looking 911S to compete in Groupe 3. This is likely what saved the car as it was bought by an unassuming American as a street car in the 1970's. He imported her to the U.S. then stored the ST in his barn in Nebraska in 1983 where the car was discovered earlier this year. It remains in as found condition.
The ST is complete and very original with all of the hard to find parts including the aluminum front bumper, factory rear flares, etc. It will need a full restoration. The tub is genuine nose to tail with original and untampered numbers including the tin tags. There are no clips, major tub repairs or high rust. Because of the importance and value of this Porsche I will only send a few detail images of the car to those serious about owning it. Having unrestored images out in the world after the car is restored is not something any future owner would want. I invite any serious purchaser to personally inspect the car at my Islip, New York facility. I can provide factory documentation to those interested.
Finding an unrestored, genuine factory-built 911ST in 2020 is an unusual occurrence and likely a chance not to be repeated. Finding any ST that is truly genuine has become a real challenge. An unrestored example such as this is as honest as they come.