Porsport is the website to buy and sell extremely rare Porsche cars and Porsche parts. Many of these cars are award winners, and have been featured in Porsche books and magazines.


Welcome to Porsport.com.

This is my never-ending Treasure hunt of rare and Rennsport Porsche cars. My 30 plus years of experience with the Porsche marque and my worldwide friendships and connections have led to many incredible discoveries from lost Sebring winners to Tran Am racers, Rally cars, Original 356 Speedsters, even the missing remnants of James Dean's 550 Spyder.

My areas of expertise and interest are the great 356 including GT, Speedster and Roadster, 718 Spyder, Early 911, Early 911 Competition cars, 2.7 Carrera RS, 2.7 Carrera, 3.2 Carrera, 3.2 Clubsport and Speedster, 964/993 RS Variants, and the 996 GT3.

Many of my Porsche cars have been award winners and featured in Porsche books and magazines, including Excellence, Panorama and 000. My Short Wheelbase 911 Racers are considered by many to be the best. I have been fortunate to work with the greatest talents there are in the Porsche arena.

I am always on the search so please reach out if you have or know of a hidden treasure. Thank you.