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True Time Capsule All Original 67 911S Coupe

Classic Polo Red just like the original 67S Brochure and Dealer promotional posters. Picked up at the Porsche Factory on April, 12 1967 by Harry and Patricia Klimnt and driven a total of 30,598 miles.

The Tourist Delivery plates and the original delivery paperwork is still with the car. The car is completely original and unrestored. It was parked and properly stored in 1990. It has recently been recommissioned and any of the original take off parts are kept with the car as well as the original tires that were replaced years ago. Brakes and fuel system were gone through and rebuilt and engine tune and service was performed. The clutch was not locked and the engine was not removed. There are no big leaks. Aside from the hard parts that were replaced the entire car is original as delivered in 1967.

Nothing else has been replaced. All of the rubber is original and still soft with the exception of the quarter window seals which have hardened. The seats and interior vinyl are still soft and near perfect. I have not taken anything apart to clean or detail. The car has lived as you see it in the photos. I did a simple hand cleaning and that is it. No buffing wheel and no disassembly. I will let the pictures describe the car.